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Catholic community, made easy.

Koin makes it easy to connect to other Catholics and develop the Catholic community that's right for you.

Catholic community, made simple

Your Catholic life, all in one place

Meet your neighbors and fellow parishioners. See what events are happening when and where. Create or join Catholic groups to go hiking, pray, volunteer, go for drinks, discuss books, and more. No matter your interests, you can find or create Catholic community for it on Koin.

About Koin

Connect to Catholics in your neighborhood and city

Create a group for the women in your neighborhood. See and attend events across the city. Meet other newly weds. Whatever your interests or life stage, you can find or create the community that’s right for you.

  • Meet new people

    Meet like-minded Catholics, fellow parishioners, people in the same life-stage as you, or fellow parishioners

  • See all events

    See all Catholic events in one place and apply filters to find interesting things to do, no matter the day

  • Create or join groups

    Browse dozens of groups to find the community that’s right for you — or create your own!

  • Talk, help, & more

    Use the feed to get help, ask for recommendations, discuss important topics, ask questions, and more


Catholic connection, made simple

There are many different reasons Catholics want to connect: ask a favor, get a recommendation, talk about important topics, plan events, and more. Koin lets you do all of it.

Automatic connection

Koin automatically connects you to your neighbors, parishioners, and other Catholics around you

Designed for you

Catholics are diverse. No matter your interests, you can use Koin to do the things that matter to you

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Targeted community

On Koin, you can host groups and events for specific neighborhoods or groups, instead of the whole city

Consistent community

Koin makes it easy to stay connected to the Catholics we meet, since everyone is on Koin


How it works

Being a place for local community, Koin takes a few steps to ensure that the community can thrive.

Join a Neighborhood

Local communities require local people. To ensure that each user is connected to the right local community, Koin uses users’ neighborhoods to place them into the right neighborhood.

In every major city, there are dozens of neighborhoods. While users live in only one neighborhood, they’re still able to connect to the other Catholics, groups, and events happening in the other neighborhoods. When users make a post, host an event, or create a group, they have the option to post it to just their neighborhood, the nearby neighborhoods, or the whole area.

Using users’ neighborhoods makes Koin a more secure place for local Catholics to gather and connect!

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Join groups

Catholics are diverse, and our interests and passions are, too. With Koin, you can organize however you want, creating the community that’s right for you.

Want to create a hiking group for your parish? Easy.

How about a women’s group for your neighborhood? Check.

A young adult professionals happy hour group? Oh yeah.

From happy hours to holy hours, the only limit on Koin is your imagination. Use Koin to connect to deepen your faith, meet new people, find interesting things to, make friends, and more!

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Jump in!

Once you’re fully onboard, use Koin however you want! Koin will continually grow and develop, adding more things for you to do, but for now you can:

  • • Find interesting events to attend
  • • Use the Feed to talk to neighbors, parishioners, and more
  • • Create or join interest-based groups
  • • Meet like-minded Catholics

If there’s more you want to be able to do, let us know!

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A glimpse into Koin

There's a lot you can do on Koin, and things will get even better over time as we learn and make improvements